ACE SPE SYSTEM - Never clean the paint gun again.

ACE SPE SYSTEM - Nie wieder Lackierpistole reinigen.

A new low-pressure paint spray gun makes color changes much faster and easier. The joint development by Dürr and HSM Lackiersysteme is characterized by a quick-change system for the paint channel. After a color change, the paint spray gun is ready for use again in just a few seconds without the use of solvents.

The outstanding ACE SPE system of the EcoGun ACE is the result of the fusion of expertise and high quality standards of both companies. This cooperation sets new standards in the painting industry by offering a product that enables the highest efficiency and exceptional precision in painting work.

The EcoGun ACE achieves a proven, excellent spray pattern with a high application efficiency and simplifies color changes thanks to quickly interchangeable nozzle inserts. The new development is complemented by a particularly stable and leak-proof cup system from HSM Lackiersysteme. This has both a safety lock and a dirt protection system, which ensures that the measuring scales are easy to read at all times. The highlight of the joint development is a new quick-change system for the paint channel, which saves considerable time and money. The new low-pressure paint spray gun is used, for example, in woodworking, in vehicle repair painting and in yacht and boat building.

Previous gravity-feed spray guns are equipped with a cup that contains the paint. When changing colors, the cup must either be cleaned and refilled or replaced with a new cup that is filled accordingly. In addition, all paint-carrying channels between the cup and nozzle must be rinsed to prevent contamination and paint mixing. This cleaning process is time-consuming and involves the use of solvents. The new spray gun scores with an innovative system that enables a much faster change. The entire paint channel, including the nozzle, is replaced quickly and easily. This means that the spray gun is ready for use again within a few seconds - a time saving of 90% compared to conventional low-pressure guns. The use of solvents can even be completely avoided.