Tool cleaning and water recycling system AC 400
Tool cleaning and water recycling system AC 400
Tool cleaning and water recycling system AC 400
Tool cleaning and water recycling system AC 400
Tool cleaning and water recycling system AC 400

Tool cleaning and water recycling system AC 400



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AC 400 modular system for painting companies with up to 20 employees
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- Seamless rotationally molded containers
- all sheet metal parts made of stainless steel
- incl. 2 x aqua boxx ® - filter container and filter set
- Separate water treatment with integrated and time-controlled agitator
- Approx. 80-200 litres buffer zone in the working tank (WP1 or WP2)
- Tool cleaning almost without interruption
- Effective accessories
- Expandable through the modular system
- Initial equipment with 30 kg of splitting agent, 30 white filters, 1 litre anti -foam *
- The treated clear water can be partially reused (approx. 200 liters) or it runs into the sewer system.

AC 400 with reuse

Clear water collector* 200 made of stainless steel
- 4 x aqua boxx ® - filter containers
- Automatic fresh water valve
- Clear water delivery set

Tool cleaning
The colored water from the washing area * is automatically pumped into the reaction tank via the intermediate pump * until the nivo maxx ® probe switches off and the dirty water indicator lights up fully.

Water treatment
After pressing the "Stirrer On/Off/Time" button, the required amount of aqua floc ® 7 treatment product (approx. 400g) is added manually. After the set stirring time of approx. 15 minutes has elapsed, the stirrer switches off automatically. The flocculated color pigments are easy to see through the clear water. If this is not the case, the stirrers can be started again and some splitting agent added. Clear water and a large "airy" flake are crucial for clear and optimal filtration.

After the paint sludge has settled, the ball valve is opened and the clear water is quickly drained into the clear water collector via the aqua boxx ® filter baskets. By opening the ball valves, the paint sludge is drained, which is then collected in the filter. The filtrate flows into the clear water collector and from there into the sewer system by gravity. After thorough rinsing and closing all valves, the system is ready for operation again.

useful information
Tool cleaning can continue during water treatment, the usable volume is then another approx. 80-200 liters of paint water, depending on the washing station * (WP1 or WP2). This means that approx. 6 - 8 or 16-20 paint rollers can be washed until the system capacity is reached (in conjunction with roto clean * H).

For the treatment and processing of production and rinsing waste water from: Dispersion paints · Glue processing · Painting systems · Oil emulsions · Water-based paints · Flexographic printing

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